Winter landscape

Im appreciate that you are visiting my Website. On the first Look everything on this Website doesnt look like technicalbased Content, but i just like the Design... much more then some technical Designs i found in the Internet. The Maincontent is about programming. Maybe sometimes i will scratch some other Stuff in my Blog, but i want that every Content here is from me. Because of this i will dont post Links very often.
Here you can find my Projects that i have developed or im actually developing. Kubitox is just a Name i created to give my Projects something like a Brand, but Kubitox is not a Company or an Organization. Everything i show here and everything you can download is absolutly free. Sometimes its Freeware, sometimes i will show my Code on Github or other Platforms. Mainly i want to share my Ideas and presentate my Projects like a Portofilio. I hope you like my Website and my Projects. Im open for Support and Critisism. Just write me an Email with the Contactformular.

Have a nice Day!