Standard League gets ignored

Because there are so much Items in the Standard League and there are less Players playing this League, i made the Decision to ignore the Standard League in my PoE Trade Bot. An Additional Reason is the Size of the Database. I want to keep it clean and small, so the Performance is much better. After every League i will clean my Database manually from saved Items. So every new League i have a clean and empty Database for the new Items.

New Informations for the Items in the Poe Trade Bot

I changed recently some Stuff in the Bot, because some Informations wasnt shown in Item Informations in the Bot. Now the Bot shows how much Links an Item has, which Socket Colors the Item have and if its corrupted. By the Way i made some Perfomance Improvements.

My new Path of Exile Trade Bot for Discord

I wrote a Discord Bot for Members of a Server, so that they can share the Items they want to sell in Path of Exile. You can register to the Bot and enable the Account per Discord Server, if you want to show the Items from your Public Stash Tab. The Bot has some nice Features, like Filter Options. If you want to read more click here

New Website

I setup a new Website and im going to add Content in the Future