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Path of Exile Trade Bot

This Discord Bot shows Items from Members of the Discord Server in a specific Channel. Only Items will be shown that Members want to sell. If a Member places an Item in a Public Stash Tab in the Game the Bot will track that Item and show it in the Channel. The Main Idea behind that is, that Members on a Discord Server can see what someone else is selling. So maybe someone else has Interest and will contact the Player for a Trade. Any User can register himself to the Bot, but only Administrators or Mods (with Kick Members Right) can enable the User for the Discord. Required is only the Accountname of Path of Exile to register. Here is an Explanation of all Commands for the Bot:

  • !register PathOfExileAccountname
    With this Command you can register yourself to the Bot. As Parameter the Path of Exile Accountname is required. Registering just means you are know to the Bot. To show Items on a Discord Server you need to be enabled.
  • !unregister
    With this Command you can remove yourself from the Bot, so no Items will be tracked anymore on every Discord.
  • !enable @Discordname
    The Admins or Mod (with the required Right) have to enable a User before Items will be shown. To register is not enough. The Parameter is the Discordname with the Tag @ Symbol.
  • !disable @Discordname
    When you disable a User then no Items of that User will be shown on this Discord Server. Only Admins and Mods (with the required Rights) can do this. The Parameter is the Discordname with the Tag @ Symbol.
  • !listusers
    If you want to know which Users are already enabled, then use this Command. Only Admins and Users with Kick Members Rights can do that.
  • !addchannel Channelname
    With addchannel you add the Bot to a specific Channel on your Discordserver. In this Channel all Messages from the Bot will be posted. Messages that come from the Trade Bot to show the Item. Only Admins can do that.
  • !removechannel Channelname
    Removes the Bot from a Channel, so no Items will be posted anymore. Only Admins can do that.
  • !changecolor Hexcode
    Every Item Post of the Bot has a left Border. Normally its just grey. With this Command every User can change the Color with a Hexcode (without the #). As Example !changecolor ffffff. Every User can do that Command and it works only for himself.
  • !addfilter Amount Currency
    This Command is used to filter some Items out of the Bot. As Example if you dont want that Items get posted that are sold lower then 10 Chaos Orbs then write !addfilter 10 chaos. Many Users selling Items for 1 Chaos and it can become a mess with all these Items, so they can be filtered too. If you use 0 as Amount that Currency, that you specify, gets totally ignored from the Bot. For the Currency you need a special Name so that it works. Here is a List of all Currencies and his Names you need to use. The List is a JSON File and you need to use the name Property of that File. Only Admins can do this.
  • !removefilter ID
  • Every Filter gets an ID if you add it. To get these ID you need to list all Filters with !listfilters. With the ID you can remove a Filter. Only Admins can do this.
  • !listfilters
    This Command sends the Admin a List of all used Filters with Options and the ID. Only Admins can do that.
  • !help
  • A short Description of all Commands of the Bot.

If you want to add the Bot to your Discord Server, then login to your Discord in your Browser and klick here

You can find the Source of the Project here