Module nodemailer for Nodejs

There are several different Node Modules to sent Emails overe Nodejs, but nodemail is now like a Standardmodul. It can be downloaded over the npm Paketmanager and has many Functions in the Modul. Nodemail has no Dependencies and is really easy to use. It supports TLS/STARTTLS and signed DKIM Messages. For more Information visit Read More

CakePHP Version 3.4.0 Release

Today there is a new Version of the famous CakePHP Framework. With this Update the Developer are going to make a step to Version 4.0. Because some Functions are markes as Deprecated, because there are new Functionames. In Version 4.0 the old Functionnames will be removed from the Framework. CakePHP Version 3.4 has many Bugfixes […]... Read More

NethServer 7 a Linux Distribution for Servers

With NethServer 7, based on CentOS, the Developers want to create a Server to easily administrate Linux. Since some Beta Version, it looks like NetServer is a good Distribution with many interesting Features. One important Function of the NethServer is the Active Directory Samba Controller. With the Controller the Developers promise and easy Ingegration in […]... Read More

Rust 1.15 is out

Rust Version 1.15 is released today. With many new Features and 1443 Patches. A new Feature is the Custom Derive and the Buildsystem now works with Cargo. And some Functions like Slive::sort or char.count() are much more faster. If you want to read more click here... Read More

Laravel 5.4 Release

And again a new Release. Now we talk about Laravel 5.4 with his new Features and Bugfixes. Laravel Elixier changed to Laravel Mix, because instead of Gulp Laravel uses now webpack. There are some changes in the Blade Template Engine too. They added Markdown for better Mail Notifications. See all changes here... Read More

PHP Framework Symfony 3.1.10 released

Today the Update for Symfony 3.1.10 is out. It will be the last Update for the 3.1.x Branch. In this Update many Bugs are fixed from previouses Realeases. For all Bugfixes see here. Symfony is a mighty PHP Framework and counts to the oldest and powerfull ones like Zendframework. PHP Frameworks like Laravel uses Parts […]... Read More

New Webstorm 2017.1 is out

At the Start of the Year there are many new Releases. Today Jetbrains has released the Early Access IDE Webstorm 2017.1. Webstorm is an IDE for Javascript Development. One of the new Featues of the IDE, is that Packages Names now have Autocomplete. And now the IDE Supports a new Javascript Coding Style that is […]... Read More